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Guest post written by Maureen Kilby

A few years ago, someone at our church started a chili supper around Christmas time with the proceeds to go to a local homeless shelter. Well, it got bigger and bigger every year. Then someone made a gingerbread house for fun to put out for everyone to see and I proposed the idea for us to hold a gingerbread contest to help raise even more money for the cause!

People really do go pretty nuts for contest and it gets pretty intense. ItÕs amazing that people who don't build gingerbread houses professionally come up with this stuff! I went online to try and get some inspiration for what I wanted to do for mine this year when I saw some information about Clear Wimax systems and ended up switching over my internet at home to the service.

I think that I may just make the Griswold house from the movie Christmas Vacation for the gingerbread house competition. Nobody's done it before for the contest and I think that it would be really funny.

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