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Guest post written by Lydia Brownstone

Sometimes when people see me and my little brother around together, they assume that I'm his aunt or something because there's such a big age different between us, thirteen years to be exact. But I think that it was also better this way, because instead of there being sibling rivalry, we spend a lot more time together.

He sent me his list of things that I could get him for Christmas and I had to remind him that just because I'm an adult and I have a job doesn't mean that I'm rich. So I went online with my Clear-internet to find what these things were and which one I was going to find for him. Most of them were Harry Potter, so I wanted to choose one of those because I'm a pretty big fan of the books and movies too.

Well, one of the Harry Potter things that he asked for was actually a LEGO Harry Potter game and I thought that sounded like it would be pretty fun to play so I'm getting him that. Who knows, maybe I'll even have to play it with him some over Christmas.

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