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It is Monday again and time for me to share a picture that have yellow in it.Well, last Saturday night when we went home from a nice drive from the beach i saw many house who already put their Christmas decorations. I enjoyed watching them and i took some pictures. One of the houses that has a Christmas decorations was the one in the picture. We stop for few a minutes and took a picture. I miss the Philippines every time i saw this kind of decorations because starting at September most of the people there are already putting up some decorations, am i right my kababayans? We did not put any Christmas decorations yet in the house hubby said maybe later since we will use the live Christmas tree and we usually find it in the woods. It is fun to find specially they are huge trees. Anyway, thanks for coming and have a wonderful day.


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chubskulit said...

One more thing that I am missing is the Christmas song that they play starting the month of ber.. Great shots sis.

Yellow Leaves are so much fun for kids!

Kim, USA said...

Love that kind of decoration where nativity scene is being shown for all the people to know that the reason for this season is the birth of Jesus ^_^. Great shot!
MYM-Town parade

M S said...

Love the Christmas lights too. And the old Christmas songs that reminds me of childhood. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones :)