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Yesterday was a great day for us since we played in the snow. We make a snowman and hubby was the one cook our food. If hubby will do the cooking to the kitchen have a files of  dishes to wash. I got a little dizzy yesterday maybe because i do not have much sleep and after that very busy that day. You know what he did, he offer to clean up the kitchen since he was the one make a mess. Hhehe i am very happy since they are too many. But oh boy he cook very good food. The picture below was one of the many he cook. Sorry for the stove that was dirty hehhehe man is different from woman if we talk about cooking...Anyway, have a wonderful day to all.


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Fe said...

Good to know that you enjoy the cooking of your husband, so sweet of him :)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Kalami sa imung food diri momgen

chubskulit said...

Your husband is the same way with mine, I always end up washing to many dishes when he gets done coking lol..

Yellows at Robert Morris University, happy holidays!

Dhemz said...

na murag akong bana pod...mag dampuog ang hugason kung sya ang mag luto...ehehehe...kalami!