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A few months ago, my best friend Kelly got married to her boyfriend of one year, Dave. The two of us always used to joke about who might get married first, and I always predicted it would be her! She lives about six hours from me, and the wedding was in her hometown. The wedding was on a Friday, but since I was in the wedding party, I needed to be there on Tuesday to help Kelly get ready. Since I would be gone for nearly a week, I made sure to set my adt home alarm before leaving for the wedding.

On Tuesday, I helped Kelly decide how she should wear her hair, then all of the bridesmaids got together to have our nails done. The rest of the week flew by, with the last-minute preparations and decorating, the rehearsal dinner, and the bachelorette party. It was such a crazy week! However, everything got done in time for the beautiful, perfect wedding on Saturday. I cried as my best friend Kelly walked down the aisle, because I was so happy for her. I can't imagine her finding a better husband than Dave. Even he was in tears as she entered the church building. That wedding was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to, and I was so happy to be a part of their special day.

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