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Guest post of the week by Nestor Nielsen

Sugar plum fairies, gum drop kisses and candy canes dancing in your head bring back the warm memories of childhood every year. Nothing is more true than those ribbon hard candies that just scream out Christmas. I was brought back to the nostalgia the other day when I was watching an advertisement on my HD DVR about an upcoming show about how such seasonal treats were made.

The memories of this tasty crunchy holiday treat brought back memories of Christmas vacations from school. Christmas movies, playing outside in the bitter cold and of course the decorations. There is nothing like the blinking lights and tinsel on the tree to make even the dreariest of days seem bright. Of course the candies and other treats that only make its appearance during the holidays.

One of the fondest memories I have of that special ribbon hard candy is my grandparents. They always had a candy dish bowl filled with the holiday hard candies, and the ribbon ones made their appearance. However, the ribbon ones were the favorite of my grandfather and he usually fished these out within days of the bowl being put out. So that made the treat a little more rare, and all the more enticing.

Even today I have that feeling of accomplishment when I find the ribbon candies. Almost as if finding them takes me back to an earlier holiday time; back before the magic of Christmas gave way to adult realities.

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