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Guest post written by George Smith

This year my wife told me that I needed to handle getting together the stocking stuffers because she wouldn't have time to. So I thought pretty hard about all the stuff that I was going to put in our family's stockings this year.

I did some research with our clear tv bundle to come up with some stuff that would be perfect for our kids and also my wife. I actually got all kinds of ideas from doing that and made up a list before I went and bought stuff.

My wife's stocking stuffers included a little gift set of this nail polish brand OPI that she's always buying and talking about how it's the best. I'm sure that she'll appreciate me paying attention to that. I'm going to get a Walmart gift card for our son who's in college and I know he'll be able to buy groceries or whatever else he needs with it. For our younger son I got him some baseball cards, along with a new knit cap that heÕs going to like I think.

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