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Guest post written by Brett Thornton

This week, my wife Helen and I are getting our chores done a little early. Why? Well, on Wednesday, we are going to go for a nice long vacation in New York City. Right now, we have plans to stock up on food for the cat, buy a new pair of Miracle Ear hearing aids, and make appointments for home repairs in the New Year. Tuesday night we are going to pack, and Wednesday morning weÕre leaving out of Tallahassee to fly in LaGuardia airport in New York. We are really excited to be able to treat ourselves to a vacation like this. Unfortunately, our son James is going to be away in Europe and our daughter Sophie is off studying abroad, too, so they wonÕt joinÉ.we figured that instead of staying at home and lamenting the fact that our family couldnÕt spend the Christmas with us; weÕd go and have a memorable couples holiday.

We plan on staying through New YearÕs, so we can see the ball drop as well. Even though we canÕt see our kids this year, we are going to make the best of it and try to have a nice Christmas with just the two of us.

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