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Today i want to share the "Home Rules that full of bible verses. I found this online and i just wanted to share. I hope you have a blessed day and take care of yourself. This is my entry for Word-filled Wednesday.


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ozjane said...

Great list....tis the first time I have been grateful for the enlarge function on my mouse...LOL. Be patient and kind......that is so under rated.

jhunnelle said...

you gave me an idea, i'm thinking to do my own, base on this list and hang it on our wall, great list btw.


gemini said...

I want to do it too.Thanks for sharing it made my day brighter.

Dorie said...

Great listing of Home Rules!

lori said...

Love this list...going to type it up!


Amydeanne said...

sweet list, I saw something like this on the Duggars website a few years back. I had it printed out and hung up for a while, but probably a good thing to do again!
Happy WFW!