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Contributed by Vickie Tyson

Last year I didn't go out for New Year's but this year I will be going out with my two brothers and three sisters. Since this is the first year that we are all over twenty one, we will go bar hopping in a nearby town. Since I will be gone all night I will definitely set my home security alarm Home Security system offers before I leave my house. My family and I plan on starting the festivities at a party that will be hosted by my oldest brother. We all have plan to have a carry-in dinner and of course have lots of beer on hand. Then after dinner, my siblings and I will let our parents be and start out at the local karaoke bar where I love to sing country songs. Then we will go downtown and start hopping from bar to bar until the bars all close down at one a.m. After the bars close, we will go to the only late night club and dance until four in the morning. Hopefully if all goes well we will all make it back to my brother's house and live to see another year.

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