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Guest post written by Dolores Key

Ever since I can remember, my father always used to insist that we have what he called good luck for lunch on Christmas Day so that he would supposedly have good luck for the rest of the year. Well, i never understood why those particular foods were supposed to be good luck and quite frankly thought that it all was a little silly anyway. But now I like to have those foods, like collard greens and black eyed peas, for New Year's lunch for old time's sake.

That is basically the only time of the year that I ever fix those foods, so sometimes I have to go online to give myself a refresher on the recipes. I was doing that a few days ago to get ready to go and buy greens at the grocery store, when I came across the websiteCLEARWIRELESSINTERNET4G.COM and after I read through it a little bit I came across the some internet packages. After I thought about it a little bit more, I ordered one of the packages.

I thought that I would do something a little special for New Year's Day lunch and actually make sweet cornbread instead of the same old cornbread like I normally do.

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MeMe said...

With respect to our elderly, we sometimes force to follow their traditions. Silly to think but they're only sharing their good practices for our sake. Anyways, no one will get in harm if we followed it, but not obsessing with.

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