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Guest post written by Kelly Myers

I may not even be in college yet, but I'm already planning a lot of what I'm going to do my freshman year. I've already been accepted to my dream school and sent in my housing deposit so it's official that I'm going to go there. I also made a New Year's resolution to try and figure out a lot of things that I can do while I'm there, including entertainment and extracurricular activities.

So I've been doing a lot of research online to figure out some things that I'd like to do and groups I'd like to join. When I was doing that a couple of nights ago, I happened across the website and showed it to my parents. I knew they had been shopping around for a new internet provider and they actually ended up getting a package through the site.

Another part of my education New Year's resolution is to figure out what kind of internship offerings are in the area. I'm not sure if I'll want to have one my first semester of college, but that's something I want to think about.

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