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Today i want to share you a very helpful verse that i found. This also calm my spirit since i know He is always there in times of our needs. Sometimes i feel the doubt of believing it but truly God is willing to do things so that our doubts is gone. I feel discourage many times but God lifted me from that and i am thankful i have a God whom always there for me in times of sadness and happiness of life. I hope this is also enlighten you today. Thanks for coming by.


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Heidi said...

Thank you Jesus for your mercy and grace. Great photo, love how you sparkle :)

Joan said...

I love the graphic! We are so blessed to be able to approach the throne at any time.


Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

The graphic is so sweet and cute! Praise God for His grace and help in time of need.


the all-around mom said...

Very beautiful graphics and a very inspiring verse. thanks for the visit :)

jhunnelle said...

thank you for stopping by my blog, love that verse one of my favorites, thank you for sharing

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Blessings and how precious is the angelic graphic of the Hebrew verse!

I agree and I'm so glad that as with me, that this verse gives us comfort and calms our spirit, encouraging us with His aMazing grace and confidence! He is here for us in our time of need! Thank you for sharing this!

Peace and JOY,
ps - this is for your precious visit last week, thank you for your prayers.