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I know every Filipino knows what kind of dessert is the one in the picture right? I remember when my friend in Tennessee came here in the house and she make a bunch of this one for my birthday celebration. Everybody loves it but because there are too many it takes a week or so to finish eating. I even giveaway some to our friends and workers in the farm.  I miss this one since i last ate it New Years eve. Anyway, binagkal everyone?

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jenn said...

Sadly I don't know what binagkal is. is this bread? It looks like buchi, but I am not sure if it's the same. Pahingi naman ako. :)

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Kim, USA said...

Yup that is binangkal, sarap yan with kape ^_^
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wenn said...

I love it n I miss it!

Perfectly Blended said...

this food reminds me of my childhood days. This usually my afternoon snack. :)