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Winter is almost over and i can see many flowers in our yard. Even when i went to our church the flowers are really blooming and the weather is getting warmer. But today the air is really cold even the sun is hot. I am dreaming of a warmer place to stay. A vacation for a week is a good idea and i know where to go. I heard about one place in California that really great for adventure. If i want to have another property i will going to live in Rancho Santa Fe. There are many things to do in that place and according to the survey that this place is the number one highest income communities in United States. That is a good report meaning a better place to see and live. I will going to ask the help of Rancho Santa Fe real estate guys so that it is easy to know the value of the property.

There are many things you can do when you are in Rancho Santa Fe. I want to visit the Del Mar Race Track that is 4.94 miles from Rancho Santa Fe city center. I cannot imagine how many things to do in Rancho Santa Fe  but I am sure me and my family will enjoys it when we are there. As i read about this place i am more excited to visit that place or to buy a property in there. I remember my brother-in law told us that if he will move out from Wyoming in which he hates the cold weather and snow he will love to move one place of California of course i can tell him about Rancho Santa Fe. Well, the place is not populated according to the survey lasts 2000 Rancho Santa Fe population was only 3,252. That was very small population compared to the place where i live now. Hubby love quietness and having a small population he will like this place. Anyway, this is my dream but who knows it will come true one day.

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