Posted by jinson on 3:39 PM
There are lot of ways to earn money online. It really depends on your willingness. You can work as a virtual assistant if you want to work 5-8 hours a day, you have a boss and of course you can't control your income because your boss will set your wage. You can also write and earn money, usually it is called as blogging for money. You have your own time to update your blog and accept or decline a certain writing opportunity, i really depends on you.

There are paid to click sites, they offer you cents for clicking but if you are hard-working then you'll earn a lot. There are also websites that pay you f r taking part on their survey.

There are countless job opportunities waiting for stay at home buddies out there. All they need is a stable internet connection and w illingness to work infront of the computer.

Playing boxhead 2 and age of war can also be a good source of income. There are legitimate sites that pay reasonably. They ask you to play and review their games in return, or you be paid by just viewing the game.

I can say that joining contests are also a great source of income.