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I love watching medical TV series. I am a big fan of ER, Scrubs, House, M.D., and Grey’s Anatomy. This kind of series shows the audience how the medical world works. They can share to the viewers how medical people can be life savers and how they are as normal people. Also, watching this kind of series helps me to understand some of the medical terms that are not common for people like us.

When I was a child I aspire of being a doctor. My uncle is my inspiration with this dream. His medical uniforms always show how he is a role model for the family and for the community. He is one of the known physicians in our town and our family doctor. He helps a lot of people and I always love seeing him with his doctor uniform. He is respected by everyone and I am proud that I’m related to him. I was on grade school back then when I surprised him on his birthday. I bought him discount medical scrub in one of the medical stores near our place. I’m glad that he liked it and hopes he still keeps it. I always wish him all the best so that he’ll be able to help more people.

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