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It is Monday again and it is time for MYM. My entry is a picture of my son wearing yellow long sleeve shirt. At the back was our pack house trailer in the farm with the hardware shop of my hubby. Hubby took this picture last Saturday afternoon when we went there and have a picnic. It was windy that time and a little cool so i just stay in the car after i ate. Anyway, thanks for coming and have a wonderful day...


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Dhemz said...

agoy pagka nice...laag ko diha momgen...ehehe...salamat sa paglabay!

Carolyn said...

happy monday momgen:-) the place looks nice visit especially now that we have a bad snow storm...

you can visit my entry..

Kim, USA said...

Few more days and we gonna see green green grass of hope...ay kumakanta ba ako hehe? Happy Monday!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Your son looks as though he's trying to reach his fingertips high enough to touch the sky!


Hush, little baby, it’s no time to cry,
Mama will sing you a sweet lullaby—

A bright rainbow song on this darksome night,
A bright rainbow song that’s sure to delight:

Green are the pastures where flocks of sheep graze;
Grey and begrimed are the skies on fog-days.

Red is the color of sun going down;
Black is the smudge of a terrible frown.

Blue are the mountains that rise from the plain;
Shimmering golden the Kansas wheat-grain.

So many colors, my baby, my fair!
So many colors right here and right there!

And thinking of colors under the sun,
Yellow’s the brightest of all, little one!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Old Woman at Market

chubskulit said...

He look so happy!

My Mellow Yellow

Fe said...

nice pose naman ng bagets... seems like his enjoying there

M S said...

what a happy child :) BTW, you have an award here: