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There are many jobs available online. Only if you have the patience and willingness to learn, you'll surely earn according to your skills. I blog for a living. I already have blogs under different niches and I am proud of it. My page rank are all 2 and higher. Online job is like having a day time job. You have to take care of it so you'll reap a good harvest and positive feedbacks. There are also friends where you can share your problems and happiness. The only difference is that you will not be able to talk personally. There's the social networking sites, e-mail and messengers to keep in touch. Personal meetings can also be done when you are not busy.

I got new friends in an online community for mothers like me. They already met last month, too bad I wasn't able to come since I am abroad. I hope to attend the next meeting when I come home. I want to meet them all personally.

In exchange of my fruitful blogging career, I share my earnings through hiring copywriters and ghost writers. I have an infant so I can't work on my tasks regularly. It is always nice to share blessings with others.

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