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I know a friend who runs printing business. They do custom labels, documents like catalogs, textbooks and newsletter, it became their bread and butter, too bad he died early due to health problem. His family is still running the business, his oldest son as the head. Printing is in demand since they are the only one who do that kind of business in their place. But it takes a lot of effort and part -time employees when requests is pouring.

When I get the chance to meet them again, I'll tell them the potential of earning bigger online. Not sure if they are aware with it but I'll open the topic once I visit them. Companies are looking for printing services because it's a cheap way of advertising a product. You can have your own custom label, meaning you are the only one who will have that kind of design. If a company's budget is tight but is looking for a neat card, then they can choose from a wide variety of pre-made cards.

Choosing online printing reduces expenses. No need to hire employees when there's too much work since a two or three units of computer can do the work. Printing is much faster than manual. You'll get more potential clients just by posting your work online. If you need to buy some just visit the links above or at See you...

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