Posted by jinson on 9:58 PM
Working at home in front of the computer has its perks. You need not go out of your room and spend for transportation. Even if you haven’t taken a shower or changed in a week, that doesn’t matter—as long as your produce, your bosses do not mind. It is a wonderful way to earn money because there is not much overhead expense. And well, you do not have to contend with annoying office mate.

However, working for long hours could also get to you. There will come a point when the room just becomes so small and crowded. That is the time to go out and unwind because you need a change of scenery. Why not go to the nearby park and sit on one of the park benches? That would already provide your much needed relaxation. Or, if you are in a social mood, you can invite friends for a picnic. There are many picnic tables in the park that you can use. Just bring your own checkered table cloth, food, and drinks and that would already be so much fun! And oh, you can also opt to bring Adirondack chairs if you want.

While you might think that these endeavors are a waste of time, as you can continue working and make more money for your hour, you will eventually realize that these times of relaxation are nice and actually helpful for your work. Why? Because if you are relax, you are healthier and you can think better, which means to more productive time. Try it and have fun.