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How time flies. Springtime is almost over and in just a couple of months we would start feeling the biting cold of the winter season. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against wintertime. It’s actually my most anticipated season. The only problem is that the house can get terribly cold during the winter months and no amount of clothes layering would suffice to keep us really, comfortably warm. Of course we have a heater at home. But I just wish our house is winterized so that come wintertime, it would be well prepared to take on the cold without us literally freezing.

In a time like this I actually wish that we had the comfortable warmth that those in the Sunshine State of Florida. I think they have the best climate in all of the 50 states. If only we can relocate there. But of course, that would mean contacting lots of people to help us look for a house and all that stuff. Or, we can always contact a Florida home builder and consult with them if it’s better to just have a house built or remodel an existing property. As you know, buying a home is very personal. I am already making plans in my head even though I know it is somewhat a farfetched idea.

I have a very close friend who lives in Florida and every time she sends me an email she always tells me about the activities she’s done that week or that day and it seems as though much of them are spent outdoors. All those can be attributed to the climate in the area. It really is the perfect state for people who love hanging out outdoors and engaging in physical activities. Maybe we’ll try to visit th. em soon just to get a look-see and if the whole family likes it, who knows, we might just be Florida bound any time soon.

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