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Guest post written by Rolf Tate

I absolutely love to watch The Jersey Shore, my friends do not understand it at all. I like the show so much because everyone seems to be more real than most of these shows that are on right now and they do not mind letting it all hang out; no matter how ugly or embarrassing it may seem, nothing is off limits to the cast.

I really like everyone on the show, there are a few characters that I favor over others. Pauly D is my favorite over all, he is easy on the eyes, likes to have a good time, and doesn't seem to want to get caught up in all the drama. The other thing about him is when he is faced with any kind of situation, he find a creative fun way to deal with it, definitely the life of the party. Snooki is another favorite of mine, she says exactly what comes to her mind and could care less who likes it, she always like to have a good time and is about sticking up for her true friends. Everyone else is great as well, these two just stick out to me.

I am not always home to catch it, but I watch it on satellite TV, that I got after seeing these, and having DVR has made it possible for me to never miss it.

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