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Contribution by Stevie Kirby

After the installers stopped by this morning to install our upgraded television package, I headed to work. When I got there I was surprised that no one had called me to tell me about our missing office furniture. We just completely re did the labs that we work. They literally had not been updated ( except for computers of course) since the nineteen seventies. We spent just shy of twenty thousand dollars redoing everything. That price included a lot of new office furniture and repainting the rooms. Two of our nice chairs were missing. I was just so upset. We work in a ten story building. I spent the rest of the entire day trying to hunt down the two chairs that were missing. I sent out e-mails and pictures. I went from door to door in the building asking everyone that I could find if they had seen our black leather chairs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t turn the chairs up. I guess that we are going to have to file a report and order some more!

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