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Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

My husband does not watch a lot of tv, but when he does he is always watching Comedy Central. He will watch this channel for hours laughing out loud, even when he is by himself. He loves watching Tosh.O. He says that watching this show helps him unwind from his day and for some reason he gets a kick out of laughing at other people’s expense when it is on tv. He also loves watching standup comedy. He loves watching Jeff Dunham, Lewis Black, and Billy Gardell. I can be all the way upstairs and I will hear him laughing at these comedians when he is downstairs. We recently switched to DirectTV, but before we did my husband had to make sure that we were going to get Comedy Central. He researcheddirect tv Henrietta to find a list of channels. He was so happy to find out that Comedy Central was included in our package. I guess I get to keep listening to him laugh out loud. I am glad to see that he is so easily amused.

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