Posted by jinson on 5:43 PM
Perhaps you are the recent recipient of a chef’s knife set or maybe you have a random assortment of knives you’ve accumulated over time. If you are like most people you probably don’t have a particularly formal knife storage system – it may be a combination of some cutlery and utensil trays fitted into a drawer and perhaps a knife block or some slots in a butcher block countertop top. While these solutions will all get the job done there are some innovative new knife storage operations well worth considering.

Perhaps the most radical new way to store knives is the Kapoosh® knife block. If you have used a traditional knife block then you know they have some shortcomings. To begin with a standard knife block has a fixed number of slots in specific sizes. If your knives don’t all fit then the block is not especially useful. The slots can collect dirt, dust and food reside and they are virtually impossible to clean.

The Kapoosh® design is somewhat like a box, with four sides and a bottom but the interior is not solid wood but instead is a series of plastic rods which are similar to blades of grass. Simply slip the knife, scissors, sharpening steel or other sharp implement into the box and the plastic rods conform to hold it in place. When you remove the knife the rods return to their original configuration; the rod insert can be removed and put in the dishwasher to ensure it is completely clean.

A magnetic knife rack is another practical and innovative knife storage option. There are wall mounted models along with units designed to be mounted under cabinets and in drawers.